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The origins in Entlebuch

Wild, rebellious, beautiful - the Entlebuch is the only UNESCO biosphere in Switzerland and has a lot of character.

Marbach is situated at 871 m above sea level in the Pre-Alps and is the home of our alpine dairy. Here we spoil cows and buffaloes in a long tradition, and here our 25 employees produce the best cheese specialties.

With resources, we are able to achieve sustainable results: our production is modern and environmentally friendly. We use 100% of our energy from a wood-fired heating system.

If you enjoy our cheese, you will also enjoy the unique beauty of Entlebuch.

Experience the legendary traditions of the Entlebuch. In our visitor gallery you will learn how milk becomes cheese, why our cows and buffaloes are spoiled, where the first buffalo mozzarella in Switzerland comes from and much more.

Our Top Shop Products

CHF 5.00 / 125gr.
CHF 6.90 / 125gr.
Marbacher Dorfkäse reif
CHF 5.50 / 250gr.
Marbacher Fondue Mischung Pfannenfertig
CHF 8.40 / 1 Person, 300gr.
Mozzarella aus Bergmilch
CHF 2.20 / 125gr.
Wild West Käse
CHF 4.80 / 250gr.

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