Sensitive giants: our water buffalo

Water buffalo feel very much at home in our region of the Alpine foothills. And they particularly like being out in the pastures eating grass and hay.

Our animals belong to the Mediterranean breed of water buffalo. Their forefathers came from Romania to Switzerland’s Schangnau region in 1996. The Schangnau Buffalo Association has been in existence since 1998 and today has a headcount of over 150 animals.

Did you know? Buffalo milk is full-bodied: it contains twice as much protein and fat as cow’s milk and is rich in vitamins, too – a very popular product.


Getting to know the water buffalo

Buffalo inspire a sense of respect. The animals are naturally inquisitive, sensitive and affectionate. Still, it’s best not to get too near them. Do you want to get to know our water buffalo better? Then put your name down for a guided tour, and, if you like, combine it with an exquisite cheese tasting.

Then give us a call: +41 (0)34 493 42 93.

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