Our history

Heidi and Christian Jaun took over the village dairy of Wald near Schangnau as milk buyers in 1981. Back then they made two wheels of Emmental a day and employed one apprentice. In the following years, the Jauns opened up a shop and started to make cheese specialities.

In 1996, five farmers imported 15 water buffalo from Romania, resulting in the first buffalo mozzarella to be made in Switzerland. In the same year, we took over a neighbouring cheese dairy. In 1997, we moved away from Emmental cheese to the Switzerland Swiss, a rectangular cheese with large holes, also called Tigre. In 2000 and 2003 we took over the milk from two further cheese dairies.

Then in 2008 we opened our modern production plant with a shop and visitors' gallery. 

In 2009 we won the Migros "Milestone from the Region Prize" for our buffalo mozzarella.

The former village cheese dairy is now called the Marbach Alpine Diary (Bergkäserei Marbach) and is being run in the second generation by Michael and Regula Jaun. The regional dairy farmers have shares in the company.

Every year we process some 20 million litres of milk into around 1500 tonnes of cheese products. From the Entlebuch – for all of Switzerland and the world.



Life in the original nature of the Alpine foothills is a challenge to the residents. We love our home with its impressive landscapes and the people who do their best for that landscape: such as the dairy farmers, employees and apprentices at the Marbach Alpine Dairy. It is only with their commitment and dedication that we can produce our cheese specialities.

Ours is an innovative company which combines traditional values with modern, environmentally-friendly production methods. We are an important employer and reliable partner for the suppliers in the region and of course for our customers, too.

Our goal: to preserve and protect the unique beauty of the Entlebuch with the sustainable use of resources. So when you are enjoying our cheese, you are also supporting our nature.



The Bergkäserei Marbach AG (Marbach Alpine Dairy) is organised as follows:
General Assembly 280 shareholders
Board of Directors Peter Brunner (Chairman)
André Bernet
Leonhard Wey
Benjamin Wigger
Josef Wyss
Managing Director Michael Jaun
Production Manager Michael Hofstetter
HR, Administration, Visits Regula Jaun-Felder
Shop Manager Kathrin Wüthrich

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